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We put our customers first and we think it shows.

“I've finally found a trustworthy pool service!  After having multiple companies that just would walk into my yard, look at the pool, then turn around and leave without spending even two minutes on site, I am happy to find a company that actually puts in the time that I'm paying them for.”


-Jason, Gilbert

“I do not live in my home full time. With Empire Pool Company, I know my pool is always taken care of. Whenever I visit my house my pool is always clean. I love the automatic payment system as well. Two less things I have to worry about in my hectic life.”



-Monica, Tempe

“I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Empire Pool Co. Michael was very knowledgeable about my equipment and really took the time to do things right.”


-Daphne, Phoenix

“Thank you Michael for such consistently great and professional service. I faithfully trust you and your company to manage my pool and my fountain properly - you have exceeded my expectations."


-Ron, Paradise Valley

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